28 YEARS A BACHELOR – What others Say

Witty, insightful entertaining, and unexpected journey through multi-generational family, culture and custom. Follow Madhav as he assesses what is truly important in life through the love, loss, and interactions among his family and friends and the pursuit of his chosen wife (against his parents’ wishes). Full of characters that you will want to laugh and cry with, love and hate! Great read, highly recommend!Sharon Hatt

Fun and full of life that will draw the read into the drama, love, and demands of a family that is very interesting indeed! Learn about Indian culture and life in the village with descriptions that let you know you are in India. Anyone that becomes a part of this journey will soon find out what it takes to get a 28 year old bachelor married! Rasana Atreya is a beautiful writer that brings her characters alive. Denise Tarasuk

I have long been a fan of Rasana Atreya. She creates a wonderful cast of characters — and those who are entertainingly quaint or eccentric never descend into caricature. (I am particularly thinking of Madhav’s grandparents, who often made me laugh out loud.) She manages to bring an entire culture to life while providing a fast-paced read. Though her stories contain tragic elements and deal with horrific problems, they are never depressing. Kudos. Yael Politis, Author: The Lonely Tree, The Olivia Series