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Coming shortly Half A House. To read an excerpt on Wattpad, click here.

Editor of The Mosquito and the Teapot. Author is daughter, Aamani Gurajada, age 6. Illustrator and cover designer is Sunaad Gurajada, age 11.

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Tell A Thousand Lies

In a land where skin colour can determine one’s destiny, fraternal twins Pullamma and Lata are about to embark on a journey that will tear their lives apart.

Dark skinned Pullamma dreams of being a wife. With three girls in her family, the sixteen year old is aware there isn’t enough dowry to secure suitable husbands for them all. But a girl can hope. She’s well versed in cooking, pickle making, cow washing — you name it. She’s also obliged her old-fashioned grandmother by not doing well in school.

Fair skinned and pretty, her twin sister Lata would rather study medicine than get married. Unable to grasp the depth of Lata’s desire, the twins’ Grandmother formalizes a wedding alliance for the girl. Distraught, Lata rebels, with devastating consequences.

As Pullamma helps ready the house for her older sister Malli’s bride viewing, she prays for a positive outcome to the event. What happens next is so inconceivable that it will shape Pullamma’s future in ways she couldn’t have foreseen.

Tell A Thousand Lies is a sometimes wry, sometimes sad, but mostly realistic look at how superstition, and the colour of a girl’s skin, rules India’s hinterlands.


9 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Hey! Rasana! …this is wonderful news… its october..where do i find it?

    common’ send me a reply asap… got to spread this good news to the others that came to the retreat….(just knew you’d land….)
    many hugs.xxmina

    • Appreciate your support, Mina. The launch is getting delayed because I’m talking to another publisher right now. The terms of the first one weren’t acceptable.

  2. Hi Rasana,

    I live in India and am wondering where can I buy the book (paperback)?


    • Hi Vasan,

      For now it is available only outside of India mainly because Amazon makes it so easy (and because I chose not to go with a publisher). I’ll let you know how it goes. My apologies for the delay in responding. I get so much spam here that I have to manually approve each comment, which can take time.

      Best wishes,

  3. hey Rasana,
    I am not sure if you remember me – ages since we saw you and Vandana. I live in Bangalore now with my parents (but used to live in Boston for a long time). Your aunt Raji gave me a copy when I went to San Diego recently. I read it in one evening on the flight back! It is unputdownable! Beautifully written, with enough twists and turns to keep the writer engaged. I salute you – for having such a fertile imagination to come up with a story like that, and to write it so well too :).


  4. Not sure what you’re looking for, Lekhya.

  5. “Thousand Lies” – Amazon Best seller ! Happy news for the readers all over the world .
    You are blessed author.
    Accept our hearty congratulations!!!

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