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Rasana Atreya is the author of

  • Tell A Thousand Lies (shortlisted for the 2012 TiborJones South Asia prize)
  • Half A House (soon to be published)
  • The Temple Is Not Her Father will be her NaNoWriMo 2013 challenge.
  • The Mosquito and The Teapot Editor. The author is her 6-year old daughter, Aamani Gurajada, and the illustrator is her 11-year old son, Sunaad Gurajada.

Other things she has been up to:

  • Panelist at the 2013 Jaipur Literary Festival on publishing
  • Panelist at the 2013 Hyderabad Literary Festival on publishing

Rasana blogs at: http://rasanaatreya.wordpress.com

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you to all for a fun day at the Library. I still don’t know how to draw a crowd of friends, fans, and readers. On a good note, I had conversations with “aspiring, unpublished” writers among our visitors. Thank you, Cindy, (and John) for your good promotion of the event, and welcome to the world of published authors.
    I found a 2 ½ column inch mention in the Friday Williamson AM on page 9. I don’t know what to do to draw an audience. I have done four of these at the library and it has drawn 25, 19, 8, and 12 published authors and I do think the interaction among local authors and aspiring writers makes this worthwhile.
    Thank you to Margaret Brown for her hospitality. Thank you, Nancy Fletcher-Blume, for your continuing support of your writer friends and the written word. Thank you, Alicia, for coming when it was not a good time for you to come.
    It was nice to welcome an author from India, Rasana Atreya. Thank you, Louise, for sharing a welcoming table with her. We did some good bonding. Lydia found a new friend, Suzy Stanton, who may become part of our writing community. I apologize to George Kelley for leaving him off the list of authors. I hope to improve my system on this. Thank you, Paul, for taking Par home. Thank you to all who have contributed book(s) to the Library. This helps our relationship with the library and gives you some additional readers.
    Now, we are on the next event at Cool Springs.

  2. Dear Rasana,


    I read your article “My self-publishing journey” in The Hindu recently. I also work in the same newspaper Group!

    Your wonderful article reflected the scene in publishing industry, of which I am also a ‘victim’. I am, therefore, looking to follow your way.

    I would be grateful if you could tell me a great professional English language editor in India who could do justice to my non-fiction book.

    Best regards,

    Virendra Pandit

  3. Appreciate it, Tori!

    Of my 82 reviews, two are 1-star.I didn’t respond to the other 1-star review but so many wonderful people came to my defense on the 24-comment one that I decided to respond, mainly to assure the reviewer that these people were real people, and not sock-puppet accounts created by me in order to attack the reviewer. With the current brouhaha over fake (aka paid for) reviews, one can’t be too careful.

    BTW, your book sounds wonderful!

  4. Dear Rasana,

    I am delighted to be getting in touch with you. I work for a US self-publishing company and I help authors self-publish their books everyday.

    I am in the process of starting a community for Indian authors.
    I would love to interview you on our blog, and maybe you can interview me and pick my brains for your site/blog.

    Look forward,
    Hersh Bhardwaj

  5. hello… would you help me find my way through self publishing??? i dont know where else to start!!! no leads..no contacts..nothing…. what u wrote on the Hindu was the only ray of hope. i currently am going through a lot of doubts and confusions and i have a lot of querries… would you pls help me out??
    no, i havent read ur book.. not yet!!

  6. Hello Mam,

    I am a first timer in the traditional publishing world, struggling, obviously, to get my fiction published. Previously, I have my poems ["The little in me"] published through self publishing of Amazon and Pothi. Unfortunately it was only me who bought the copies, probably I have approached it incorrectly.
    During my research on publishing I read your story which had motivated my spirits yet again.I would be grateful if I could have your suggestions. I am hopeful of your reply.

    With Regards,
    Salvwi Prasad

    • Hi Salvwi,

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Start by talking to people. The best place to approach other writers/publishers is at Literary Festivals. There’s one coming up in Chennai very soon.

      Soon I’m going to do a write up on how to get published and post it on my blog (www.rasanaatreya.com). Maybe that’ll help.


  7. I’m honoured,Carolyn. Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

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