TELL A THOUSAND LIES – What others say

Tell A Thousand Lies is one of our five favourite tales from India.Glam Magazine, UK (June 2014)

Once in a while, a story comes along which grips you from page 1, and its magic continues right until the very last page. Rasana Atreya paints a fascinating picture of contemporary India’s struggle to uphold old traditions in the face of a changing world, where women long for a greater say in their lives, corrupt politicians will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve power and the uneducated masses are so easily influenced.Lorraine Pestell

What an unexpected treat this novel turned out to be. The dry, witty narrative gave me an instant connection with the heroine Pullamma, feisty and a little wild, but ultimately longing to be loved for herself. She will break your heart, have you laughing out loud, and take you on an emotional journey you will never forget. Jess Chambers

Loved this book. Fans of Amy Tan would be drawn to this story, even though its not about Chinese culture. Laura Kump

Just finished Tell a Thousand Lies, by Rasana Atreya, and all I want to do is pick it back up and keep reading. The story of Pullamma, her sister, her grandmother and a wide cast of perfectly-crafted characters is so unique and so full of unexpected twists that I couldn’t put it down. There’s plenty of heartbreak in this tale, but also laughter, suspense and humor. Rasana Atreya is a talented writer who has the ability to put Indie fiction front and center. For a debut novel, it doesn’t get much better than this. Deborah Garner

One of the best books I’ve ever read! I loved it. Painting a great picture of what life can be in India. It tells the great story of one family. Susi