Tell A Thousand Lies is one of our five favourite tales from India.Glam Magazine, UK (June 2014)

India’s most successful self-published author writes amazingly good books. At a time when traditional publishers are churning out mindless bestsellers by celebrity authors (who shall remain nameless because we all know their names), it’s such a treat to find an author who writes so engagingly and entertainingly and yet has something vital to say. I am impressed.Ashok Banker, author of 42 books in 16 languages and 58 countries. Sold 2.4 million copies worldwide.

In terms of literary fiction, Rasana Atreya is an Amazon-India self-publishing phenomenon, who was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia award for her unpublished manuscript and who has gone on to stake her place in the canon of Indian literature in English.Emerging South Asian Women Writers: Essays and Interviews (From Antiquity to Modernity) by FerozaJussawalla (Editor), Deborah FillerupWeagel (Editor)

Check out novels by @rasana_atreya. Her writings remind me of RK Narayan.SurajitAgarwal on twitter