The Mosquito and The Teapot – What Others Say

The author, Aamani, gives you hope – her optimistic little stories all start off with trouble and end happily. She, and the fabulous artist, Sunaad, will make you smile, and think, and smile some more, because you know what’s coming next – world peace! Really – Aamani, with her very simple, pragmatic solutions, should rule the world! Reet Singh

An astonishing short book written and illustrated by two very young and very talented artists.

The stories are short pieces in which usually two or three people, animals or things meet and resolve the conflicts between them.The simplicity of their form is disarming and there is a potentially very wise head behind the writing. The author seems to long for peace and resolve, which makes this a positive, upbeat and happy read. Like the lion and the tiger, sometimes people need to see the difference of their point of views, and sometimes we just need to stop doing silly or not-nice things.

The illustrations however are not second to the writing but a clear equal. I was amazed at their beauty and professionalism, not at all what I had expected from a young illustrator. They are simple, full of character and masterly executed.

I think both parents and children will enjoy this book and I hope it does well and reaches a large audience. Christoph Fischer

This is amazing and very colorful and the children that wrote it and did the drawings…WOW…..this is a great book for a child and my oldest granddaughter could read it with no problem to her sister.

This is a must have for kids.

Great Art.VeryColorful,Easy to read and understand. Jodi Brooks