Valley Isle Secrets – What Others Say

I am an avid fan of Toby Neal’s Lei Crime series and am always interested in how other authors see her characters. Sometimes an author (from the reader’s perspective) can miss the mark- not so with Ms. Atreya’s companion story about Wayne Texeira. Her story captures all of the points originally brought to the character but also enriches what the readers like about Wayne and also reinforces that the apple (Lei Texeira) didn’t fall far from the tree. Wayne accidentally gets involved in a murder, the police see an ex-com good for the crime and his freedom depends on his ability clear his own name. This is a well written novella that contains all of the danger, intrigue, beauty and heart that Lei Crime readers have come to expect. EFinn1

Atreya spins a fabulous tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat with curiosity. The idea behind the murders is a current topic involving websites set up to assistant cheating spouses. Very clever and fast paced. Anima Giraldez